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The SafeCode Factor

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SafeCode is committed to the highest possible service experience which is delivered through our industry leading best business practices, innovation and customer service.


To achieve this leading customer service position, SafeCode makes a commitment to working within the following themes:

  • Innovation: SafeCode regularly reviews the performance of all of its systems, its product offering and industry advancements to ensure we remain at the leading edge of technology adding value as it relates to its customer needs.
  • Customer service: SafeCode constantly reinforces its outstanding customer service commitment by creating a culture within the business that keeps staff focused on the customer experience. It is our intent to be a complete solution provider meeting our client's needs in terms of mobile apps, software and website development needs. We pride ourselves on the ability to control as little or as much as requested by our client.
  • Team work: Every staff member at SafeCode supports their colleagues in helping them deliver a customer experience that meets the vision, mission, and values of the organisation.


The daily work of SafeCode is underpinned by three strong values that provide the fundamental basis for the staff to succeed in this competitive market. These values are:

  • Quality: To provide meaningful information, and a high quality of service to ensure customer satisfaction in each engagement.
  • Accuracy: To commit to create deliverables with the most relevant, up-to-date and accurate information in relation to both our own customers and their clients.
  • Security: To ensure each and every engagement with SafeCode and our products and services is entirely secure, safe, and personal information protected at all times.
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