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Manufacturing Services

Provides truly innovative and cutting-edge software from around the world for the manufacturing industry, in conjunction with expert support and training services.

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IJSPLUS are the software specialists bringing you TopSolid Wood - the most powerful CAD/CAM automation solution for standard and custom joinery, combined with support, set out and consultation services.

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Palette CAD is the powerful and advanced 3D CAD software for all areas of professional digital planning and presentation, used by interior designers and architects all over the world to revolutionise the design industry.

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Manufin offers asset finance options for manufacturing machinery and software, allowing businesses the flexibility to expand and acquire the most advanced solutions required to increase productivity and remain competitive.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile apps

The facts

With over 11 million Australian's owning a Smartphone as of May 2013, and 25% of adult Australians accessing the internet from tablets, the use of mobile apps is changing how we chose to communicate with friends, family and importantly how we chose to do business, research and shop.

Industry statistics show that apps are being downloaded at a rate of 85% greater than in previous years, this therefore lays testament to the critical role that apps and mobile devices are playing in today's competitive environment.

What are consumers looking for?

Consumers are therefore demanding from businesses a simpler customer experience not constrained by time or location. In order to remain competitive businesses are developing technology based mobile solutions such as smartphone and tablet apps to effectively meet this growing consumer need.

As well as increasing brand loyalty, smartphone and tablet based apps can lead to increased sales and repeat sales as consumers enjoy simpler browsing, researching and payment systems, independent of their current location and at any time of the day.

The benefits of developing your app with SafeCode

In many instances businesses are enjoying this new found freedom which deliver cost savings and at the same time provide real time functionality. Additionally, mobile apps provide an opportunity for business to personalise marketing messages to an already engaged audience.

Our extensive experience and the highly-qualified team at SafeCode can work with you to deliver client-centric solutions for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. We focus on designing applications which are intuitive to the end user, fun, informative and enjoyable to use.

Website Development

The facts

With more than 16 million Australians online, businesses require an engaging, informative website that is 'responsive', meaning it will adjust automatically to fit onto desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers. This isn't just changing the size, but resizing and reformatting in a way that is unique to the specific browser.

How can SafeCode help you?

SafeCode can work with you to develop or improve a current website:

  • Using the latest technologies for a high build quality and strong design
  • Providing a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) that is professional in design, clean, dynamic and flexible
  • Integrating online payment functionality
  • With a strong back-office that is designed to ensure accurate and timely processing, management, reporting and a well-designed delivery mechanism
  • Which allows all staff including non-technical staff to navigate and update
  • Where SafeCode will manage any complicated elements such a formatting, navigation, layouts, search boxes and forms

Your customers will enjoy engaging with your website due to:

  • A look and feel relevant to your target customer audience
  • A user centric design, focused on an ease of usability that is intuitive
  • Dynamic and appealing features
Sketching on paper website development

Business Solutions

Find the right business solutions

We're in it together

Working together with you, SafeCode delivers advanced IT infrastructure and systems tailored to meet your business's individual requirements, resources and budget.

Our bespoke solutions provide the highest level of performance based upon our clients specifications and required functionality.

Our offer

SafeCode offers a unique service, Software as a Service (SaaS). This service is cloud based allowing access by users by way of the web instead of being installed on the user's computer. SaaS is becoming very popular for many new business applications and SafeCode design and build a SaaS solution to meet your needs.

Should you have an idea that you wish to develop into a web-based software product for sale or license, we can help you bring this from concept to reality.

Software Development

Truth hurts

Many organisations find themselves utilising two or more systems that depend on the data of one another, yet are not linked or integrated. Initially these systems were designed to create efficiencies and improve information accuracy but they often require laborious human intervention to speak to each other.

Let us relieve your pain

SafeCode can design and deliver a solution to:

  • Integrate your systems
  • Automate the flow of information between the systems
  • Reduce the manual steps completed by employees
  • Creates efficiencies
  • Reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Deliver an end to end solution
SCRUM process software development